La Fulia is all about elegance and comfort. We believe in self-expression, freedom and experimentation and take inspiration from the empowered women in our lives, who dress for themselves and live life to the fullest.
La Fulia is a fusion of the colorful and vibrant fashion trends of the 1970s and the cultural richness of India. The use of Indian-inspired prints and patterns adds a touch of cultural authenticity to its designs.

The silhouettes inspired by the 1970s, create a stunning canvas for the use of bright colors, inspired by the colorful culture of India, making each piece a statement in its own right. The luxurious fabrics drape seamlessly, moving gracefully with the body throughout your day, whether you're exploring the beach or out in the city. And when the night comes, La Fulia's designs are perfect for dancing the night away, adding a touch of playful sophistication to any occasion.

La Fulia transcends dress codes and destinations by bringing elegance, and a sense of joyfulness into your wardrobes all year round.

Explore our latest collection made in-house in our studio in Calcutta and come visit to know more about us.